History of the University of Hartford

Now in its sixth decade, 立博体育官网坐落在占地350英亩的校园里,这里曾经是哈特福德市最后一个农场.

这所大学在二战后的繁荣时期作为一所通勤学校开始,当时回国的士兵正在寻找由G资助的教育.I. Bill®. 哈特福德的推动者们认识到需要一所大学,于是把三所小学校聚集在城市各处的建筑里, including the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and the Hartford YMCA.

Unlike most private New England colleges, the University of Hartford did not begin as a small liberal arts institution. From the outset, it has offered courses in electronics, engineering, technology, and education along with strong programs in music, the visual arts, and the arts and sciences. Today, it is known for excellence in the visual and performing arts, engineering, and business; small classes; and its focus on mentoring all students.

这所大学一直男女同校,向所有学生开放,无论他们的背景如何. Designed initially to meet the needs of Hartford residents, it has stayed true to the founders’ ideals but greatly surpassed its modest goals. Its mission today is to educate students as citizens of the world, encouraging them to study abroad, get involved in community service, and take responsibility for the planet and their futures.

从1957年2月时任州长亚伯拉罕·里比科夫签署法案授予立博体育官网宪章开始, visionary leaders have guided the institution. Vincent Brown Coffin, a well-known and influential insurance executive, was named the first chancellor of the University in 1958. Archibald Woodruff followed in 1967, and his title was changed to president in 1970. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg took up the mantle in 1977, followed by Humphrey  Tonkin in 1989 and Walter Harrison in 1998. 每届政府都认真指导大学,帮助它适应不断变化的时代,同时保持它在财政和学术上的课程.

The Early Years

The University’s roots go back to 1877 when one of the three founding schools, the Hartford Art School, opened. It was initially called the Hartford School for Decorative Arts, and was founded by prominent Hartford women Olivia Clemens, Elizabeth Colt, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mary Bushnell Cheney, and Susan Warner.

Two music educators, Moshe Paranov and Julius Hartt, established the second founding school, the Hartt School of Music, now called The Hartt School.

一位名叫查尔斯·都铎·希勒尔的内战将军在哈特福德的基督教青年会开始上课,这里就是后来的希勒尔学院. In 1952, Samuel I. Ward gave Hillyer College the Ward School of Electronics, 一所电子学校,为当时一个全新的行业——电视——培养技术人员. The school is now part of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture.

With backing and encouragement from local community and business leaders, 1957年,这两所学校在布卢姆菲尔德大道上一块150英亩的农田上合并,这块农田被称为加布里埃尔农场, the last farm in Hartford. A new university had been born.

Despite the founders’ differences in subject matter and teaching styles, 他们都相信教育的重要性,并致力于使所有人都能接受教育, a commitment that still stands today.

When Martin Luther King Jr. came to Hartford in 1959 as a speaker in a new University lecture series, the campus did not have an auditorium yet. 相反,他在哈特福德的布什内尔纪念馆发表了题为“融合的未来”的演讲. 白天,他与学生们非正式会面,回忆起在康涅狄格州附近的烟草田工作的一个夏天.

第一座学术建筑,大学大厅,后来被命名为希里尔大厅,于1960年开放. In 1963 and 1964, 哈特学院和哈特福德艺术学院搬进了校园里各自的大楼. 到20世纪60年代初,该大学已经考虑将其业务扩展到哈特福德以外的地区. But students who lived further away needed housing.

The first residence halls opened on the residential side of campus in 1967, followed by a student union and athletics facilities. A library and new cafeteria, University Commons, opened in 1971. Students soon learned the joys of sledding down snowy campus slopes on food trays.

As the student body grew, more buildings sprang up on campus. 今天的文理学院的前身就是原来的希里尔学院, the Barney School of Business, the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, and the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture.

这所新大学早期的荣誉学位获得者包括非裔美国女低音歌唱家玛丽安·安德森, composer Aaron Copland, and poet Wallace Stevens, a Hartford resident.

The Boom of the 1980s

20世纪80年代是这所大学的扩张时期——就像全国其他地区一样. Enrollment grew and, under the impressive fundraising skills of President Trachtenberg, several new building projects began. United Technologies Hall, the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Computer and Administration Center, the Konover Campus Center, and the Harry Jack Gray Center all broke ground during this period, along with a trio of residential housing additions: the Village Apartments, Regents Park, and the Park River Apartments.

While Trachtenberg was at the helm, economist Franco Modigliani, musician Benny Goodman, author William Styron, world figures Jihan Sadat and Elie Wiesel, playwright Tennessee Williams, 和喜剧演员乔治·伯恩斯(George Burns)都是来学校接受荣誉学位的人.

On the academic side, 特拉亨伯格加强了对教师的要求,并实施了全大学课程, a cross-disciplinary learning program for undergraduates. 他还帮助启动了心理学博士课程,并为扩展到健康相关领域奠定了基础,这些领域成为今天教育学院的一部分, Nursing and Health Professions.

与当时的大学秘书查尔斯·康登一起,他帮助建立了约翰·G. Martin scholarship, 每年为即将毕业的大四学生提供在英国牛津大学学习两年的机会, studying for a master’s degree in Hertford College.

At the same time, the athletics program grew. In 1984, 为了在全国范围内更有竞争力的赛程和提高大学的知名度,体育运动搬到了一级赛区. 老鹰队加入了ECAC北大西洋联盟,也就是后来的美国东部联盟. The University would continue its proud athletics history in the ensuing years, producing all-stars in both Major League Baseball (Jeff Bagwell) and the National Basketball Association (Vin Baker); three golfers who competed on the PGA Tour (Jerry Kelly, Tim Petrovic, and Patrick Sheehan); and a National Lacrosse League Rookie of the Year (Tracey Kelusky).

The Challenges of the 1990s

随着20世纪90年代新十年的开始——经济衰退——全国的高校——尤其是东北部的高校——遇到了各种各样的障碍, a sharp drop in the college-age population, and widespread job layoffs affecting the financial resources of many families. Competition between schools and colleges intensified.

The Board of Regents decided in 1989 to make the University international. Global communities and international business were on the horizon. Tonkin, who was British by birth, 他在就职典礼上与来自北美和欧洲的约50所大学的领导人举行了一次会议,强调了国际联系的重要性,并为新政府定下了学术基调.

东京还监督了几个项目的实施,这些项目延伸到了哈特福德社区. 他创立了教育主街(EMS)项目,将UHart的学生安置在附近的韦弗高中, the Annie Fisher Elementary School, and other City schools as tutors. 他们希望这个项目能鼓励哈特福德的学生留在学校并毕业. 这个项目一直延续到今天,增加了一个课后网络,为K到11年级的学生提供项目.

At the same time, the Hartford Scholars program began. 该项目为居住在哈特福德、毕业于哈特福德公立高中或参加“选择项目”的郊区高中的学生提供半学费奖学金, a state program to improve diversity in suburban schools. 自成立以来,已有400多名学生以哈特福德学者的身份毕业.

东京还与市和州领导人合作,计划在校园内建立一所与东京大学相联系的磁铁小学. 立博体育官网磁石学校招收学前班到五年级的儿童,于2001年哈里森执政期间在校园南端开放.

During Tonkin’s administration, there were changes to the academic programs as well. 1991年,学校开设了建筑工程专业,成为一个受欢迎的专业. 开设了工程专业硕士学位课程,开设了音乐教育和教育领导专业博士学位课程. New programs in occupational and physical therapy also attracted many students. The Hartt School began offering Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in dance and theatre, and the Department of Communication was given quasi-collegiate standing, becoming the School of Communication.

在东京担任校长期间,哈特福德女子学院与立博体育官网合并. That college began in 1933 at the Hartford YMCA, 后来搬到了庇护大道,占据了保罗·巴特沃斯购买并捐赠给学院的13英亩土地, father of children’s author, Oliver Butterworth.

In the 1990's, tennis champion and AIDS activist Arthur Ashe, astronomer Carl Sagan, explorer Thor Heyerdahl, actor Hal Holbrook, 抽象画家朱尔斯·奥利茨基(Jules Olitski)也获得了荣誉博士学位.

The 21st Century Begins

The University stepped into the 21st century with a new president in Walter Harrison, who quickly built rapport with students, 通过一场筹款活动帮助哈佛大学实现了转型,这场活动带来了新的建筑和项目,以及新的校园精神.

Harrison’s fundraising campaign raised more than $175 million, paving the way for new buildings, studios, and athletic facilities as well as scholarships, endowed chairs, and faculty research.

这次运动使他能够为大学追求一个新的愿望——在科学领域取得地区声望和全国知名度, engineering, and technology. In keeping with this goal, 与筹款活动相关的第一个建筑项目是新的综合科学, Engineering, and Technology Complex.

哈特大学还在哈特福德艺术学院(Hartford Art School)建造了一座新的艺术和技术综合大楼,并建造了一座新宿舍, Hawk Hall, and its adjacent gathering place, Alumni Plaza. HAS的两层楼的rensamuels中心为陶布大厅和媒体艺术和摄影工作室提供了一个新鲜的立面.

In 2008, 在哈特福德一家历史悠久的汽车经销店的旧址,80年前由开创性的工业设计师阿尔伯特·卡恩设计, the Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center opened. This 55,000 square foot state-of-the art facility has five dance studios, four theatre rehearsal studios, three vocal studios, and two black box theaters, 并已成为一个充满活力的舞蹈、戏剧教学和表演的新中心,是通往哈特福德市的关键门户之一.

该运动还使该大学建立了第一个校园棒球场和一个新的垒球场, and to renovate the soccer and lacrosse facility.

通过哈特大学和哈特福德公立学校之间的另一项合作,该大学还在其校园内开设了另一所公立学校——大学科学与工程高中. 这所高中最初在前哈特福德女子学院校园临时开放,然后于2009年搬进了位于哈特大学校园的新楼.

Also during Harrison’s tenure, 大学管理部门宣布将关闭哈特福德女子学院, and in 2006, 大学成立了“妇女教育及领导基金”(后更名为“妇女发展倡议”),以延续香港妇女学会的传统, namely to enhance the education of women; empower women to lead; promote women as scholars; and enrich the campus community and beyond. 该基金为学生提供奖学金,并为学生、教职员工提供研究补助金.

More recently (2012), Hillyer Hall, the University’s oldest classroom building, received a facelift and expansion through the addition of the 10,000-square-foot Shaw Center. The dedicated home of Hillyer College, the Shaw Center added faculty offices, new classroom space, seminar and conference rooms, and a large gathering space named Regents Commons. 哈佛大学的传统是,每个学生在他们的大学生涯中至少要选一门在希里尔大厅上课的课程.

Shortly after Harrison arrived, 大学开设了一个社区服务中心,最初的重点是招募学生到周围的大哈特福德社区做志愿者. 该中心很快扩大了其范围,并开始派遣学生参加仁人家园的春假旅行,在罗利建造房屋, N.C.  学生们继续放弃传统的春假阳光和沙滩,帮助路易斯安那州和比洛克西的社区在飓风过后进行清理. The center has also coordinated various student efforts to raise more than $9,000 for earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010.

Closer to home, the University started a Day of Service called “Hawks Helping Hartford,” which was organized by the center and the Student Government Association. 该中心设有一个网站,将志愿者与机构联系起来,并与教授合作开发服务学习机会.

Harrison also brought new college traditions to the University. 在哈特学校的帮助下,他介绍了一首新的战斗歌曲、一个母校和一支鼓舞人心的乐队.

Many celebrities, heads of state, 在新世纪的前25年,现代工业的创始人参观了校园, including President Barack Obama, who came in 2013 to speak to students, faculty, 以及附近纽敦市桑迪胡克小学枪击案遇难者的家属, Conn.

The Latest Decade

2017年6月,哈里森作为大学历史上任职时间最长的校长(19年)退休。. Gregory Woodward became the University of Hartford's sixth president.

Under Woodward’s leadership, the University of Hartford launched 16 new and in-demand academic programs, including nursing, aerospace engineering, business analytics, robotics, data science, occupational therapy (MA), computer science (MA), and digital media and journalism. UHart增加了在线课程,并在企业编程方面开创了新的业务, professional certificates, and combined or accelerated degree programs.

从入学的第一天起就强调看到每一个在哈佛大学注册的学生毕业的重要性, Woodward guided a re-dedicated and holistic commitment to the success of all students. The Center for Student Success opened in 2019, 一个新的空间集中支持服务,并为所有一年级和转学生提供专业学术顾问. The efforts contributed to record increases in retention rates the first year, including a 16% increase for students of color.

Opened in fall 2021, the 60,000-square-foot Francis X. and Nancy Hursey 高等工程与卫生专业中心已经改变了校园,将满足高层次人才的需求 students—and will serve as a feeder of in-demand students for local employers— for years to come. The building’s specialized and technology-rich facilities are getting rave reviews from both students and industry leaders.

伍德沃德还专注于改善校园的外观,带头建立了一个新的校园 additional $47.5 million in capital improvements, including an expansion of the Barney School of Business and notable renovations to Millard Auditorium in The Hartt School and Gengras Student Union. The Village Apartments, home to more than 800 UHart students, were completely remodeled in summer 2022.

During this time, 立博体育官网将其体育项目转变为NCAA三级分类, better aligning its athletics offerings with the institution’s mission and goals, increasing opportunities for more student-athletes, and offering more robust recreation and wellness programming for all students.

Woodward guided the development and launch of UHart Start-制定大学五年战略行动计划,以指导大学转型的优先行动, ensure excellence, and sustain success. 他还帮助该大学筹集了超过7500万美元的有效筹款包括该校历史上最大的校友捐赠,并形成了许多新的捐赠, strategic partnerships.

Woodward retired at the conclusion of the 2022–23 academic year. Stephen Mulready M'77, 他曾担任巴尼商学院院长,并在哈佛工作了几十年, was appointed acting University president. He will guide UHart through June 2024 as the campus community awaits its next leader, Larry Ward, who will become the seventh president on July 1, 2024—and who will help write the next chapter of the institution's remarkable history.